Will Your Free Report Go Viral?

This depends on a few things, such as...

  • Your ability to get your free report into the right hands.
  • Does your target audience find the report a helpful problem solution?
  • Do they find it helpful enough to forward it on to their friends and associates?

If your free report goes viral, it can return quality traffic faster than even PPC (pay per click).

Also, if anyone links from their website to yours, you’ve just scored a valuable backlink.  It will help boost your search engine ranking.  

This, in turn, has the potential of sending even more targeted visitors to your site.

Here’s a few suggests on creating a free, viral report that will encourage other folks to pay it forward.

Controversial or Useful

Two types of reports that get passed around most often... 

  • those that are controversial and shocking, or 
  • those that are so useful that others save them and use them as references.

For example, when John Carlton and Rich Schefren published a list of "bucket brigade" phrases - words to start sentences with that catch attention, the report caught fire and was passed around to thousands in the marketing community.


Because many folks found it useful. 

Also, that list had never before been put together.  And, because copywriters found the list extremely valuable, that list is still being  given away for free today.

First Distribution

In order for your report to have the chance of taking off, it needs to get its first distribution. 

In other words, it needs to be downloaded by 100 or more people first.  Then the power of virality will likely take place.

So how do you get those first users?

Email List

If you have an email list of a few thousand people, or if know people with such lists, send them the free report.  Say something like...

If you think their reader will benefit from the report, please forward it on to them.

And, please let them know that they may also share it.

Now the above only happen if your report delivers helpful, usable info to a target audience. Do that, and list owners will be more than happy to pass it on.

Internet Forums

If allowed, post your free report to internet forums. 

Also, consider paying to post it in a commercial section of a forum. 

If your report delivers great perceived value, it will get  many replies, which will, in turn, get you more viewers and downloads.

And, don't forget your own network. 

For example, post it to your Facebook wall.  

If you have a few hundred friends, they can help you get that important, first distribution.

Some Helpful Tools

Here’s a few ways you can boosts your report’s viral flow.


Requiring folks to opt-in to your ezine, for example, and offering the report as an inducement.

However, the above may not produce the desired results:

Getting massive distribution of your report.


More and more, people are becoming reluctant to give up their email addresses.  This is understandable because of all the vultures, looking to gobble up those addresses, so they may spam away.

Most often, they just want the report, without having to join a list.

Nevertheless, if your main goal aims at increasing your subscriber list, then, this will often works great.

Facebook and Twitter

Include embedded Facebook and Twitter links inside the report. 

This makes it easy for the reader to... 

  • Like 
  • Comment, or 
  • Tweet your report.

 Just Ask

Your call to action, in this case, will usually be at the bottom of your report. Forget this one and your report will likely die with the first reader.

Therefore, let the reader know that they are free to pass the report on to their friends and associates.

By just asking them to share it, many of them will do it...

  • If the report has a high enough perceived value. 

Then, a well done report has the potential of shining a light on a little known business and moving it up a few notches.

To your success!

David Geer

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